Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Where the Crap is Bordelinski?!

I am writing this up to let my friends know why I have been so quiet lately. After a big weekend, and a very fun birthday with Hubby, work has picked up on our addition. I have a contractor out all this week finishing up sheetrock. I have a meeting with another today to give an estimate on painting the interior. On Thursday I will be window shopping, literally. And hopefully, next week I will be looking to get someone in here to do floors.

I am so excited that things are almost finished at the house but frustrated as I am the one having to help out and keep the contractors straight and watch the budget. Fingers crossed, I should be on this weekend...

Monday, August 22, 2011

Weekend Fun

My friends already heard but somehow we had an impromptu party at my house that kept me away from my precious sims, lol. It was fun but the mess was a paint to clean up by one's self.

I did play through Harmony though and already have the pics in blogger. I just need some peace from the little ones to add some text in. Those that read this and noticed Nani being nauseous in the break-up pics, already know she is pregnant. I will go ahead and share that it is going to be a boy. LOL, I already have a story line for him! I like to plan things out. *cheesy grin*

I am not sure what his name will be, I think I will post a poll for it. And should Drake marry Nani and give his son his name? Or will she leave the baby to him while she continues on with her life? Is she mother material? I think I need to visit the "muse" section of Simpure, lol.

In other news, The Sims Social has sucked every simmer in!!! I see so many of my friends on there constantly. I am a lousy person to ask requests of as I only play occasionally during the day and never for very long. My sim has gone back to being single after breaking it off with Hubby. He was like, "WTH?!" LOL, now he is currently trying to woo me back.

BGS is due Wednesday. I have things left to do. But I am excited with the photos that have already been turned in. We are hoping this time of deliberation will run more smoothly than the last. And we won't be at the computer for over 12 hours straight again!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Assignment One

I am so excited to be a part of BGS! I was able to put together another video, this time showcasing assignment one and some of the fun pics we took of the girls in the houses. I also included one of my example pics that didn't get picked but was fun to see. Here it is:

So my job is done for now. Just have to keep up with the threads and get ready for assignment two entries. I hope everyone joins in on the fun. We also have a facebook page so you can "like" us!

Harmony episode eight is out now. I have added links to it on the side. (yay, me) I added new residents and got my story turned around on me. See, the thing is I let the story unfold as I play, even if it goes contrary to what I was planning. Nani getting knocked up was unplanned. I have woohoo replaced with risky which is set at 30%, I think. I can't remember. Poor Drake, lost his love to the fact that he CAN'T keep it in his pants, lol.

Harmony Happenings is "suppose" to come out tonight. But with all the work we put into BGS yesterday, I dunno if I will make it. I had thoughts of dropping Debbie into Harmony but I don't think I will. She is special to me and I am creating her "back story" with Simon in picture form on Simpure right now. She will be cut-throat as ever (does anyone remember "House"?) and getting inside the stories we love to hear about only in HH.

On a side note, I have created a Brag Page. Not much on it, sad to say. But I will be adding this:

I received this for my Undeserving story. It wasn't my best and I feel like I have grown since I made it. But I plan on joining another round where the competition will be stiffer, I think.

Well, that is all for now. Hope you guys are enjoying Sims Social!!

Friday, August 12, 2011


I have had like NO time what-so-ever to chat with my friends or play my sims. And when I do, I get kid emergencies such as hair pulling fights or potty-training "uh ohs". *sigh* That is the life of a mom of four, lol. But today is Friday. AND ... it's raining! I mean, really coming down. SO as long as the power doesn't go out, I should get a full day of simming and chatting. Hooray! But first, I have to bring my van to the shop. *eye roll*

Sim Stuff: The last episode of Harmony was intense, lol. I am having trouble figuring out where to go with the next episode, though. I'll be adding a set of roommates in episode 8. I will just see where it goes from there.

I have entered SIFF! I had wanted to before but was too insecure. But due to some encouraging, I decided to just go for it. I am on the Playbill already and everything. I hope to design both a poster and a trailer to help promote my video. But I just haven't had the time. It is a music video to Lady Antebellum's "Need You Now". These are the two main characters:

Greg Turner

Emily Blade
I will post more as I get more done.

Monday, August 8, 2011

School Has Started!

Yes, school has started and I was up before 6 am again. Early mornings should lead to more free time but it doesn't. I have two in school and two at home. And during the school year, I like to do at home teaching as much as possible. But I have "Sim Time" scheduled in each day, lol.

Recent sim things. Modeling wise, I am not in any comp right now. But I did enter the POTW on Simpure. I used Debbie and Simon to showcase these poses that we were suppose to use. I mixed them up a bit but I liked how it turned out:

Bad Girls Society seems to be a huge success so far. The excited chatter is so much fun to read. We have people making team banners, talking smack to each other, and already turning in some awesome assignments. I get to role play with Heidi some which is kinda fun. I have her made over a little for the "filming" part of the competition:

As far as stories, I finally can get back to Harmony. I threw a twist into the story cuz I was getting bored with the actual storyline itself. Expect a new episode by tonight and a new interview by this weekend.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Crashing Problems

This will be short and sweet and to the point: My game keeps crashing!!! I have done everything to try and fix it except update my game. I guess that is the only thing left to do. I haven't been able to play more than 20 minutes without it closing out on me. Which is so frustrating! *mimes sim freak out* So today, I am gonna pick up a copy of TLS and update everything and *fingers crossed* this will help me out. I haven't been able to play Harmony, do modeling photos, or see what Debbie is gonna do about Simon. *sigh* Wish me luck....

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


I got first in BL2!!! Nifty Banner Time:

I must say I am glad its over. It seemed to drag on forever. But like I said in my modeling reflections, I really learned a lot of editing skills through that comp so I am glad I participated.

I got booted off chat last night by Hubby. He has asked that I not chat when he is home so he can spend time with me. Isn't he a cutie patootie? So I will have to limit chat to daytime and weekends. *cheesy grin*

BGS auditions are due today. This thing is about to take off and I am excited about it. I have a couple of example photos to get done but I can't show you. *whispers* They are a secret. LOL!

I have been letting Harmony slid. *bad B* But I am about to throw a curve ball to my audience. I dunno yet if I will go through with my plans or ... well, I am still thinking on it. I am finding the story line itself somewhat boring. Even if all the updates are kinda funny. I have a new resident to put in and another interview to conduct. It'll get done.

On another front, I played Debbie last night. She went into labor and I didn't check to see if it was a boy or girl. LOL! I started making a nursery when she went into the hospital with Silver. But I was interrupted by Hubby so I still don't know what she is having! I hope its a girl since that was the theme I was making her nursery when I was asked to close it down for the night. I will show you before and after pics:


Dang, I just realized the room needs curtains! *writes that down* So, I hope to see a bambino soon and to get her more career focused and to lay off the men. I am also thinking of setting Silver to NPC ... after I make him break up with Hope, ewwwww.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Another Post

Today is my friend, Fel's, birthday. I will not reveal her age, lol, but I wanted to share the video I spent hours upon hours upon hours .... uh yea, making. I think it turned out pretty well and I was uber happy with it. Although, like I told Phebes, I am still picking out my flaws. Its that artistic "It never done" thing.
Or maybe I am just weird, lol!