Thursday, December 15, 2011

Personal Reasons

I believe "personal reasons" is the number one excuse simmer's use when they want to account for recent absences. I like it. You don't have to explain yourself since no one knows who you are or where you are from (well, except TMN) and you can continue on right where you left off.

I will share why I have been absent: I went crazy for a bit, lol! Seriously. I dropped all major commitments in the simming world, asked for a bit of leeway with my Simpure duties, and even ended all WiP stories and machinima.

So I started again with a clean slate. I have been slowly getting into sims again. But only doing what I enjoy instead of what I feel I MUST do. I have turned my Simming into a hobby instead of a way of life.  

I started a legacy using Pets called A Man and His Dog: The Montoya Legacy. I made rules for myself and very loosely follow legacy guidelines. I am just now getting into the second generation.

I opened a newspaper called Appaloosa Times. No link as we haven't put out a first edition yet. It is actually just part of a larger story I am writing called Byline. "Byline" is written in a made-for-TV fashion where every one's lives are connected. Each character was created by the simmer I hired on my paper. And I occasionally send out messages asking them what they want their sim to do in a certain situation in the story, sort of like role playing. It sounds complicated but it's really fun for me.

I have no real plans for any future machinima. I have an idea simmering but haven't committed it to paper just yet. And since I dropped out of GJWHF and BL as judge, I have no desire to get back into modeling as of right now.

That is all...