Sunday, January 8, 2012

SIFF again ... and other things

It's time for another season of SIFF! How could I resist? My new machinima is entitled "The Island" and I had Phebes design a sim just for this purpose. She's a real beauty too. Can't wait to see her strut her thang on the red carpet.

I have really gotten into my legacy. Designed a family tree, created banners for each generation, man I am going loco. But it's fun to play how I like and to be able to share it with others. Currently, Julio can't fight his need to feed, Maya is afraid that she will lose Julio's love if he continues his night time wonderings, Sofia is a toddler with plans of shucking her vampy blood for a mortal life, and Rafe and Cesar about to kick the bucket. Did I mention Dakota and Cinnie are expecting as well? So much to catch up on.

I have decided to try custom poses. *Everyone's doing it!* I enjoy the process and have only just made my first ever pose. Be prepared to be blown away ...

... look, Annalise is doing the Robot! LOL OK, not so good but I was trying to move things and her arm would stretch to kingdom-come and DON'T get me started about the fingers. So we'll call this another work in progress.

Speaking of, I have lost interest in my "Byline" story. It will be the shortest lived story of them all and technically the only unfinished. I hate to do it, but with SIFF and how much I play my legacy, I just don't have the time for it. But I think I will still publish the Newspaper if my reporters get around to turning things in...

Monday, January 2, 2012

New Sim: Annalise

It is actually rare for me to create sims. I just find that I am not that great at it. I prefer story telling. But I went and made another female to balance out the scales of sims in my bin. Her name is Annalise Greer:

I can't remember her traits but I am playing her in Bridgeport. She is a stylist that moonlights as a mixologist and has just started a band with her roommate, Roarke.

I have started Generation Two of my legacy (link under "Stories" tab on the right). I just completed making a family tree for the Montoya's as well.

My only other story is "Byline" which went on hiatus during the Holiday's. I should have the weekend chapter up by next week. The newspaper has slowed down as well. I will have to get back on the ball for that as well.

I have added "make new tutorial" to my sim list. I will do one for basic pasting of sims and other items using gimp. Nothing fancy or too terribly hard either.

Anyway, that is all for now.