Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Oh Happy Day!

I was actually singing that in a "soulful" voice to my children this morning. (note: I can't sing worth crap, so kids kept covering their ears!) GENERATIONS!!! And, on a side note, my beautiful daughter turns 8. *giggles* We are having cupcakes and, as per tradition, she will get one present to open today. I am hosting a B-Day Party this weekend but we usually don't get a lot of people cuz it's the beginning of summer. *eye roll*

OK, personal stuff ... check. Now on to sim stuff.

I have a BL2 assignment due on ...(checks list) June 5th. SO I will let it stew a few more days before tackling that. GJWHF is officially over. *places hand over heart and pauses in reflection* Moving on. AAM was extended so I still have a break there as well.

One more article due for Teen Sensation. It is basically written but I need the photos to extend the "story". 5 photos with all different backgrounds. *sigh* I really should work on that.

I will be releasing my SILC entry in 6 days. I need to polish up the ending and get ready for publishing. It will represent a labor of love almost two months in the making.

About Harmony: I have put most of my fams in. I still have to go and grab the EA pre-mades. Also, I have room for 12 more "households". I am going to start the blog off with a video tour of Harmony, complete with intro music. I asked Hubby if he would create a song for me and play it on his guitar. He gave me a look like "You are getting ridiculous with this." So not sure about that one. I have obsessive tendencies and this "project" seems to be bringing them out, lol.

To those who are playing Generations ... I want some pic spam please!!!! Requesting: burning poo! LOL!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Day O Fun

I woke up at 5:45 am just so I could have alone time to do my modeling entries. Hubby was a sweetie and took care of the kids and I simmed for 5 hours straight!! Since I had downloaded all cc last night, I was able to churn out two photos.


I probably won't be on much today. We are grilling and the kiddos got a new slip-n-slid. I hope to have time tonight to put more simselves in my new world. *crosses fingers* And might even chat a bit, too.

Y'all have a great Memorial Day!

Sunday, May 29, 2011


I have started a new world! Its a first for me. So now I can actually be interested in the updates created by story progression, lol. My use of this world will be two-fold: a location for my first ever legacy try and also a big gossip-fest!

I am going to write the going-ons of the town of Harmony like a gossip column! I think it will be fun. And I hope everyone realizes its not meant to be mean. So if like Pen suddenly dies of a fire (I forgot to put a smoke alarm in her shack!!) it's not cuz I hate her or anything. I'm going to establish regular update "days" and have polls like a big soap opera. I'm super excited. Oh, I created the blog for but there isn't anything there yet.

But I need to stop playing around with that and get to my modeling comp work. :oops: GJWHF is due ... TODAY! I'm such a procrastinator. I got distracted by this new project (which I stayed up till 4am working on). Bad, B! So, yea, I'll be working on that.

Hmmm... I also have one more assignment to do for Teen Sensation. I have a small story to write and about 5 pics to take for that. I really wished peeps would hop over to the TS website and chat there. I like to bounce ideas around and ask opinions when I do stuff but no one checks out the General Chat area. (nudge nudge).

SILC entry is due on the 6th of June. I'm going to wait till then to publish my WHOLE story. I am very proud of it so please give it a read when its up. But ... uh, make sure you're comfy cuz it's a novel with over 150 pics included. I know, I know ... but Mickey said he needed novel entries and I was up for the challenge. Speaking of which, I haven't heard from him in a while. (Makes not to shoot him a message).

On the home front, we are making plans to go out for lunch today. (I hate cooking although I am pretty good at it) Then to maybe stop by the park for some exercise for the kiddos. I have to remember to buy meat on the way home for grilling tomorrow. Hubby is off and wants to crank up his grill. So, you'll find me posting for a while yet then I'll disappear for a bit. Oh, and my "chat" will be on tonight. C-ya there! *winks* 

Friday, May 27, 2011


I'm gonna respond to yesterday's comment since I'm not sure you guys check back to see IF I responded to your comments, lol. It's not y'all (although, yea pen, I know a lot more about you than I think I should, lol). Things are resolved. I'll be on Unbound as much as possible. Actually, I only browse the officials once or twice a day now. I'm mostly lurking on Unbound. *cheesy grin*

Posted AAM yesterday. I'll post me reject ideas here for you:

I didn't think it looked intimate enough and it seemed like I didn't care that there was a toddler in my lap.

I got this one all the way uploaded and was adjusting the lighting when I noticed the hovering toy on the nightstand. I try to be observant and couldn't believe that got by me.

Hmmm... I slept late today. (Hubby is a dream *bats eyelashes*) I was up late chatting then toddler was up even later. She has been running a fever the past few days. Teething. Currently, we are grilling a drunken chicken. I'm so hungry right now. *mimes sim action for hunger* But no real plans for the day. I have a GJWHF entry to get done, one more assignment for Teen, and I could really stand to actually update my story. *sigh* Why does the "To Do" list never get shorter?

Thursday, May 26, 2011


Right after I posted that video, we started the night time battle of getting the kids in bed. Hubby threw in the towel early while I stayed up with a teething baby till midnight (or later?). But in his defense, he had to leave the house by 5am this morning. (I know what time he left cuz he woke me up! *sticks out tongue*)

I spent the majority of yesterday working on Teen Sensation photos. 6 photos, 5 different scenes. In between stopping fights, changing diapers, cleaning messes, fixing booboos, and loads other stuff. I turned my game on at 11:15 am (after a one hour CC hunt) and got everything tucked away by .... 5:30pm! OK, magazine work is a lot harder than I thought. It's like a short but intense modeling comp.

Speaking of modeling, AAM is due today and I haven't got it done! I know what I want to do, just haven't gotten to it. I'm such a procrastinator. *eye roll* GJWHF2 is starting but I don't think I can do it. (I will have to post on Unbound about that.)  It's getting hard to really get into making photos now that all the kids are here. Hectic and stressful too. I think I will finish the comps I'm in now and just keep it to one comp for the summer.

Now about Unbound. I am almost afraid to go on there now cuz of the TMI that people keep posting. I will not be reading "5 Random Things" anymore so don't expect me to be there. And if certain people post on a thread, I will most likely not continue to read it cuz they are all about themselves and I have enough drama in my own life. (hmm, I think I am ranting) Not that I don't like the idea behind Unbound but it seems people are coming "unwound" so to speak. *hopes people don't hate me for my honesty*

Sim things I have going on:
- BL 2
- Teen Sensation
- Lacey story
- SILC Novel (only half finished)
- Lothario story (but he's been pretty dormant here lately)

I know people that have more than that but with 4 kiddos and it being summer time, it's a lot to handle. Thankfully, most that will be over by mid-June. Which is great cuz we are taking the kids camping on the 9th!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Too Funny!

I LOVE Brian Regan! He is a very clean comedian that rarely curses. Hubby and I just watched this old vid and I about died when he started talking about the spider web. I have totally done that, lol!

Work vs Reward

Last night, I had finished everything on my "To Do" list and had the kitchen cleaned up so I asked Hubby for some sim time. From 7:30pm till 10pm, I decorated a "casino". I would have spent longer but I was tired from cutting all that grass.Then I spent another 30 minutes dressing Lizzy and finding the perfect shot.

By now, Hubby is hovering and making wise cracks about "horsey-girl". So I snap the pic I want and he says, "That's it?" This prompts a debate about work vs reward. To tell the truth, his points are valid but I still enjoy the creative process anyway.

I posted the pic on my modeling blog here. It's titled "Poker Face".

(After posting that I realized I haven't started one for AAM. *adds to To Do list*)

I have already written one article for Teen Sensation, I hope to have the pictures done today so I can email it to Beech. Then I will just have the one article and pics left. *sigh* I didn't get around to Lacey yesterday and today is already pretty full. So, hopefully I can update SOMETIME this week. I had the greatest idea pop up for how to finish up her story while I was laying in bed last night trying to fall asleep. 

It's .... 10:15am right now. I have made beds, picked up dirty clothes, fed four kids powdered donuts, cleaned up said donuts from every available surface, cleaned breakfast dishes (cups basically), gotten kids dressed, diapers changed, teeth brushed, helped my two oldest with Summer Bridge worksheets, vacuumed all carpeting in house, and drank my two cups of coffee. Now, all that's left is simmy stuff and to clean the dreaded oven. *shivers*   

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Okay, so I'm such a copy-cat. This blog is just like Pen's and Fel's where I can post random crapola. It's summer time and that means all the kids are at home. I can already see it messing with my simming routine. And I have become addicted to the forums. That screws with my simming routine too, lol. Hubby is starting to complain that I spend more time with my internet friends than with him. So, I guess I will start limiting myself to the amount of time online. *sticks out tongue* I have two pics to work on: Beginner's Luck Cycle 2 and All About Me. I already have something in ind for AAM but I'm not sure if it can be done. And I am drawing a complete blank for BL2 but I plan on turning it in tonight so I better hop to it.
To Do List: (I'm only putting biggies and not laundry, dishes, and dumb stuff like that)

- Cut grass (half the yard for right now)
- BL photo
- Day 21? for Lacey. (I have got to get those two GJWHF photo shoots in before assignment 10 comes along. I want to be "done" with Lacey by the time Cycle 2 starts!)

I might even try to squeeze out some time to actually look through BB that I just got yesterday. But that is a big maybe. OK, morning cartoon time is over. Time for morning routine for the kiddos.