Monday, October 24, 2011


I know, we are suppose to hate TMN cuz they are liars that post mean things and blah blah blah. Everyone reads them, some just don't admit it. And yeah, they do get awful at times. I, myself, have made the pages. But since then, I realize they are like the National Inquirer: interesting to read but not to take too seriously. All that was so I could post this link: The Undead Parrot Sketch.

Moving on.

GJWHF3: Debbie hasn't been doing that great but hey, I have been having fun sharing my Louisiana know-how with others. Sadly, my laziness has prevented me from not updating my modeling blog. I will have to research my old scores to get caught up.

Stories: In Harmony is still on hold due to the recent installment of the Pets expansion pack. I want to make sure things are running smoothly before opening it. But a while back, I had posted the founder of my legacy. I had a background story on him and everything. But just no drive to start one yet. Well, I have! You can check it out here.  A Man and His Dog: The Montoya Legacy

We had a big influx of members join Simpure due to Fel making the MS3B with her patterns. Most were just looking for the cc but some have stayed on to chat and post a bit. I still keep up with FB and Twitter responsibilities (mon-fri usually. We have had a couple of scheduled chats and what-nots. *meh* It shard to schedule them as we are all on different time zones.

In RL:  It's fall, and the weather is nice. The kids are busy with festivals and pumpkin related schooling. I had hopes of having a new dining room or Thanksgiving but I don't think we are going to make it. Such is life.

Monday, October 3, 2011


Fall/Spring are the most beautiful times in Louisiana. I spent almost the entire weekend outside. Cut grass, pulled weeds from my garden getting it ready for fall planting, had a campfire with the kids, and even threw the football around with my hubby. Both my teams won this week, too, it was like icing on the cake, lol.

^That was just to let you know why you haven't seen me around. Now, onto Sim stuff:

I have joined GJWHF Cycle 3. I have updated my Modeling Blog with my newest pics and those can be found HERE.

SIFF Fall 2011 session is over and just waiting on results. Most won't believe it but I don't make machinima to win prizes or contests, I make them cuz I enjoy it. So if I forget to post "scores" just remind me and I'll check, lol. Along those lines, I am making a new "Halloween" themed machinima. Nothing too over the top, just vamp and sex type stuff. I have already spent hours on it and have like 30 seconds of clip. Machinima = Time Consuming.

I have been working on redesigning the FB page of Simpure. It should be up and running in a few weeks. I will post a link when I have it done. Being a "Social Media Coordinator" is really quite fun. I enjoy reading through the site finding fun things to tweet and update FB with. I ignore the drama from others the best I can, because really, Sims is a hobby, not a religion.

"In Harmony" is on a short hiatus. I love my story, I feel emotionally invested in Drake, Chloe, and Toby. LOL! But sometimes you just need a break, you know? So I am going to take another two weeks off. Then I will come back with a wedding shower thrown by Chloe and Drake having a wild bachelor party. Followed by the wedding pictures/video shot by moi.

I do believe that is all. Hope to see you around. Adios!