Wednesday, March 21, 2012


I know, I know. Almost two months without a peep, my bad. Real Life has taken off for me. We are one floor and a set of stairs away from finishing our addition. And ... I am leaving to go on a cruise in 2 weeks!! So much of my beloved sims has been set aside.

SIFF is a no go. I lost interest before I really got things off the ground. They have started premiering though so I would suggest everyone take a look: PlayBill

I am going to do a rehaul on my Legacy. I am starting to feel hemmed in by not being able to get a job outside the home. And I have started playing for story and that always kills the fun. So gonna ditch my "plans" and possibly level the house and put another on it. I am tired of my old layout. We'll see how all that goes.

I am working on a machinima project currently. Well, off and on anyway. It's gonna be like a talk show with world reviews, townie interviews, a short jam session by the house band, and clothing spot light. It is a lot of work but it's something I enjoy working on with Hubby.

Simpure is still going strong. We just sent out our first newsletter last month and I think it turned out great. We have almost finished the next months as well. I get into periods of laziness and don't update the FB or Tweet as often as I should. But overall I feel our site is holding steady.

I haven't gotten showtime yet. *so sad* But Hubby promises that I can have it after we return from our cruise. *sigh* I hope everyone else has a great time rocking out their new singer career and simporting!