Thursday, September 15, 2011


This post is just to showcase my SIFF video.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Sept 14

Yea, I ran out of ideas for titles so I just wrote the date.

SIFF premiere's this Thursday! I have a very basic video editing program so as much as I would like, I am unable to make an actual video. So I am contributing a musci video. But I am working with an idea for HH that would allow voice overs but its daunting and would require a lot of work. For now, I will hold off on jumping into a new project.

GJWHF3 starts tomorrow, I do believe. BGS is still running. In Harmony comes out tomorrow night. (Might have to make it earlier as LSU has a game tomorrow night too and I can't miss that,lol.)

My side-side project (I have tons of projects just waiting in the wings, it seems.) is designing a compact webpage for Simpure. Its really me just having fun working with graphics and designs. With the occassional pic thrown in. It's slow going and will probably take me a month to complete. *shrugs* SO don't hold your breathe, lol!

RL: Hubby took off yesterday to help some guys fix our roof (hopefully). We won't know until we get a good rain, then we can see what happens. He went to bed super early cuz he was beat. Then after I got the kids in bed, he got up and wanted to watch a movie! LOL, so thanks to him, I am sleep deprived. Oh well, such is life....

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

New Job

Things have gotten reorganized over at Simpure Thoughts. I was offered the job of Social Media Coordinator. Its basically like advertising. I admit, it has added to my work load but its the fun techie stuff that I enjoy doing.

In Harmony: Harmony and HH episodes are getting rearranged. I am going to start posting episodes of In Harmony on Thursdays nights. And Harmony Happenings is going to become a once a month thing. I want to change the format and need time to get things settled for that. But Fel WILL be the featured Simself when it comes out. Also, I created a page for it on FB. It was something new to try out. You can like the Page and see when new episodes are posted and also some interesting pics that don't make it into episodes.

SIFF: I am still hoping to get this done. I really want to try my hand at making the poster but time is running short. It is due to premier on the 15th of this month. I am behind on my schedule but I hope to clear some time for it this week.

BGS: We just completed Assignment Three and are moving along at a good pace. We made our first elimination and are now down to 14 contestants. There is some real talent going on in this competition. I can't wait to see the new photos this week.

GJWHF3: Fel is gearing up to get this started. I already have a model picked out. Its the truly adorable Debbie Kliene. I have plans on incorporating her daughter into a story I have planned for months down the road, so it will be fun to see how she does in this. Its been a while since I have competed, I need to brush up on my skills, lol.

RL: Rain is gone, roof is drying up. We have found the reason behind the leaks and will be working on fixing it this weekend.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Tropical Storm Lee

I just thought spotty internet and power failures would be the worst of this storm. Nope, its not. After enjoying a brief time of electricity, we have discovered that the roof to our addition is leaking!

Yes, the fates HAVE conspired against me. I have spent the last hour mopping up puddles and crying at the damage. When my brother came over to see what he could do, he caused a brief down pour in my EXISTING kitchen. But I must admit, after that, the leaks stopped.

I am heart broken right now. The cost to repair the damage is going to push us over budget. Which means I will be begging the bank to loan us more money, not an easy chore.

But take heart, we will recover. AND ... I shall still be around, just maybe not as much.