Thursday, July 12, 2012


It's official! I have moved onto Tumblr. I won't be updating this anymore. It will become an archive should I need one....

Chapter Nine

Chater Eight

The trip to France starts out very much like a honeymoon should

Site seeing



But as the day draws to a close, Deb suggests they visit a Chateau known for its riches!

Thornton is game

Until his first shock!

He tries to convince Debbie that they need to return home, that no money is worth this (little does he know...)

Then it happens again

But he continues on to the treasure box

He retrieves the treasure but refuses to attempt crossing another trap so Debbie is forced to call the airline for a speedy return home

Debbie takes her frustration (at not being able to kill Thornton) out on Morgana (whom she then forces to move out)

Feeling like time is getting away from her, Debbie invites Christopher back over

Her skills at manipulation abound as she convinces him to divorce his wife, Jamie.

But as she prepares to pay what she owes Chris, Thornton shows up

Thornton (no fool) quietly asks Christopher to leave

Debbie apologizes and blames her recent midlife-crisis on her actions

Knowing time is dear, she changes up her traits

And uses her new found technophobia

To sabotage the stereo

Then she makes one last purchase before heading to bed

Upon finding the stereo outside (in a flood of water), Thornton sets about to fixing it

Much to his demise

Debbie quickly hides all evidence

Then heads into town

To meet her final target

Things go well for her

And she promptly asks him to be her steady-date

But she wants so much more from him

And Morty feels flattered to be asked

(Stop bragging Debbie!)

She then falls to one knee to pledge her undying love

On the day of her wedding, the shower breaks. An omen!

Debbie arrives and finds the park deserted. She starts to get nervous

But then Zelda shows up and Debbie is calm once again

A little flirting gets Morty to the alter

And they wait for their guests to assemble

But something happens between the two

And Morty leaves Debbie at the alter!

Not one to be stood up, Debbie rushes to Morty's house. They talk and she offers to prepare dinner

They sit down to eat

Suddenly Deb jumps up and gets stuck like this

I reset her and she goes straight to bed

The next morning brings some news that makes getting married imperative!

So back to Morty's she goes

After dropping the bomb that she is pregnant, Morty can't get the ring on her finger fast enough

With only seven days left until elderhood, Debbie pours the wine she had been saving just for this purpose

She stands aside as Morty drinks down the spiked drink

Calmly watching as Morty claims a sudden need to lay down

Hours after Debbie has eaten and gone to sleep, Morty is awoken by a searing heat

And since Debbie moved the furniture while he was passed out, he has no where to run

Debbie waits until the flames start to engulf the couch where Morty sits before she calls the fire department

Until Morty is no more

After receiving the insurance money, Debbie begins the taxing task of cleaning up

Until it is as if the incident had never happened

So ... how does the woman who cunningly set out to marry 5 men and off them with calculating cruelty feel after accomplishing her goal?