Thursday, July 12, 2012

Chapter Three

Obviously the man is not happy

But Deb is determined

After a full night's sleep (finally) she invited Gunther over to suggest he break things off with Cornelia (he does)

She and Gunther then head over to the Landgrabb's for a formal house party

While she dances the night away, Nick receives a visitor

[Note: Debbie's first happiness point purchase was stone-hearted]

Upon returning home and finding only Nick's urn, Debbie realizes she can now move on

Since Gunther and her didn't return till 4am, she was surprised to find him on her doorstep so early. She quickly makes her move!

And once again goes down on one knee!

To get more bang for her buck, Deb decides to have a more public wedding (in hopes of expensive gifts she can sell)

[Debbie is burning the candle at both ends to get this wedding under her belt before Gunther kicks the bucket!]

Zelda Mae is there to cheer Debbie on in her endeavors

Geoffrey is either crying or yelling. I guess he thinks he has lost his chance to have Debbie for his own...

The deed is done

Deb's cash on hand just jumped into the six digit range!

{The game forced them to skip cake cutting so they could rush home. I tried for the obligatory woohoo but Gunther had the action canceled by a ghost relative. So Debbie just fell asleep since the poor dear had been existing on coffee and naps alone. But Gunther has promised her a trip to Paris!}

OK, you caption this! Is Morty angry that Debbie has replaced his mother? Bitter that his father was so stupid as to marry Deb without a pre-nupt? OR ... is he obsessed with this mysterious, beautiful woman that keeps popping up in his life? 

Not exactly how a girl expects to spend the morning after her second marriage

But with a little persuasion...

... and a quick wardrobe change...

... Debbie and Gunther were off on their honeymoon to France!

Gunther is wore out from the trip and heads back to the hotel to rest

Debbie stops a handsome local for site-seeing suggestions

She rents a moped and scurries off to the local winery

She browsed wines

tasted wines

Deb even learned to make her own wine!

She stops to chat with her ex-step-daughter, Holly Alto

and have a bite to eat

After snagging the wine she had made

Debbie headed back to the hotel to find Gunther

For the obligatory woohoo

This guy must have had too much wine last night!

Debbie and Gunther head out the next morning for a bit of site seeing together

They meander around to the Landgrabb Chateau where Gunther begins to explore

Debbie calls out a warning just in time for Gunther to avoid disaster

She then cracks open a bottle of wine to calm their nerves after such a close call

Deb never let on how disappointed she was that Gunther was still alive

She awoke at 2am with the munchies. She got dressed and headed to the cafe for crepes

And rolled the wish to visit the graveyard *WTF!?*

But alas, it was soon time for her and Gunther to return to Sunset Valley

As soon as they touched down, Deb got in her car and called Geoffrey to reconnect

He wants something more between them but Debbie has issues

Not wanting to lose her next mark, she makes a public advance

When he suggest a tour of City Hall, Deb knows what he is about

And agrees to the woohoo in the Judges chambers!

Geoffrey gets a call from a business associate, Thornton Wolff, and asks Deb to accompany him to his house

Thornton recalls meeting Debbie when she was married to Nick. Debbie recalls how rich Mr Wolff is!

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