Thursday, July 12, 2012

Chapter Seven

Debbie heads home to collect (and sell) the Wedding gifts from her and Geoffrey {over 6 grand in gifts!!!!}

The call made by the mailbox was another party Debbie was throwing for herself... She is aging!

The next day she chats with Zelda talking about the big diamond she put on Thornton's finger

Then she nervously waits for the first guest to arrive

Holly is the first to show and congratulate Debbie on her Birthday (ugh)

More guests arrive and that is when Thornton makes his grand gesture

A certain someone seems miffed by that interaction

Deb quickly moves in to smooth things over

It's finally that time

Que the sparkles

Morty wanted to sit by the birthday girl!

Notice the stony silence? Jamie here is mad that Debbie put the moves on her husband, Christopher, while they were in Egypt together!

As the night winds down, Morty is the last guest to leave. Deb gives him a gentle farewell

getting older seems to have given Debbie a midlife crisis

she heads to the stylist for a makeover


Thornton seems to like it

But Deb quickly changes into something a little more formal for dining at the Bistro

Then suggest a private wedding right there in front the restaurant

Hell Yeah! MOOLAH!

The they head home for the obligatory woohoo

Now, I am hoping that using the cow plant on Morgana is not against this challenge's rules cuz that is the plan. And I fear the next update will probably clip out a few days since I have to wait for something electrical to break. Booo! I am so ready for Deb to move on the husband number 5: Mortimer!

Number one reason NOT to openly cheat on a husband that has commitment Issues just like you:

So I am restarting form the last save and will stay faithful to Thornton (mostly) until he kicks the bucket!

Last we saw of Debbie, she was giving Thornton his due ....

The next morning, Thornton proves what a good husband he can be

And how it's a good idea to keep the ex to do the cooking and cleaning

The newly weds enjoy their leisure while Morgana cooks

After breakfast, Deb takes a swim

While Morgana heads off to work, Debbie suggests Thornton take a look at the radio

While she plans another party

And laments the arrival of yet another wrinkle

To boost her deflated ego, she heads over to Christopher's house (the guy from Egypt)

They pick up where they left off

Until ... his wife wakes up

He tells Debbie he hopes she makes some time for him at the party tomorrow

Debbie, in all her aging glory

At breakfast the next morning, Debbie asks Morgana when she is going to get a house of her own!

Due to her late night, Debbie brews up a few cups of coffee for the party

Debbie is sure to greet her guest as they arrive (Leighton, Zelda's hubby)

Chris gets his wish as he and Debbie cut loose to the jams

While I send Thornton to repair the computer (dang it, he just keeps skill-ing up!!!)

The party winds down and Deb says goodbye to her guests

In a moment of "midlife-crisis", Deb breaks down to realize she has never learned to cook

Morgana is sent to the microwave while Deb heads to bed to get some much needed sleep

Thornton does not approve and refused to get shocked while tinkering with the microwave in a puddle of urine!

Here I saved the game and had Debbie convince Thornton to go to France as a belated honeymoon. Due to game glitches and having to restart several times, some of the screenshots were lost.

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