Thursday, July 12, 2012

Chapter Six

Debbie feels like she can now breath a sigh of relief

She wakes up to the smell of cooking food

What a great husband to be able to cook so well

She suggests a dip in the pool after they clean up


Debbie relaxes after going through the hard task of putting a 6 ft high fence around the ENTIRE pool

Tired of Geoffrey's complaining, she heads in to watch a little HSN

Then she decides to humor herself with a game on her lap top (curtsey of Cornelia)

Did you hear something?

The Grin Reaper was calling!

So long, Sucker!

Her job done, Deb heads upstairs to relax

And get in a short nap

Before heading over to Zelda's house

To see her new baby, Deirdre

While Zelda cooks, Deb listens to Leighton gush on about how perfect his little girl is

Then she shares the news about Geoffrey

By now, Zelda has caught on to Debbie's schemes

But she offers comfort and friendship

Deb asks to spend the night (which forces Zelda and Leighton to sleep in separate beds, lol)

Deb is pulled form the comforts of bed to witness the birthday of Deirdre

What are you thinking, Debbie?!

Don't do it!

Now that is just pure evil.

Don't worry, sweet baby, I will send that mean lady away.

Deb is punished by being forced to RUN all the way to Thornton's house

Unfortunately, he's still at work and Debbie is greeted by Morgana

Deb's evil trait clashes horribly with Morgana's good trait

But Morgana is very talented with the brush (Deb swipes the picture to smite Morgana)

Deb complains enough about being hungry that Morgana gives in and feeds her to shut her up

She takes her meal on the terrace away from Morgana

Then catches another nap on the spare bunk

Thornton comes home completely unaware that Deb is waiting for him

But she can tell he is VERY excited to see her

Deb realizes she has to make her move before Thornton realizes what she did to Geoffrey

Debbie quickly gobbles one of Thornton's wieners ( :P )

Complains to Morgana about the dirty dishes (Morgana heads off to the kitchen to clean)

While Debbie heads to the master bedroom to woo

She begs Thornton to get a divorce (He does, the sap)

In the morning, Thornton seems a little confused on how his life had changed so quickly

Debbie heads to Bella's house for a party

She chats it up with Bella's husband

Compliments Bella's party before getting the Hell outta Dodge

To stop Morty from flirting with his best bud's(who is Micheal Bachelor, btw) wife!

She heads back to the Wolff manor to complain to Thornton about needing a shower

He suggests they share the hot water...


The next morning, Deb bides her time

Then pounces

Down she goes

OMG, that last line is so naughty!

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