Thursday, July 12, 2012

Chapter Five

I feel really bad about stealing Morty's inheritance and selling it! :(

But troubles slip away when Debbie gets a text from Zelda!

Something about a night for the girls ... better start cleaning up a bit

Bella shows while Debbie is still cleaning and has yet changed for the gathering

It's not long before the party is in full swing

Then mystery man shows...

... the women are NOT impressed!

Debbie takes a moment to congratulate Holly on her engagement to Parker

Then Zelda calls the woman to quiet down while she prepares to give a toast

She ends the speech with this:

Everyone joins in the fun

Debbie went on a mini-rant. ( I think she is feeling the strain of juggling so many men)

Zelda comforts her. Even though Zelda has been happily married to Leighton, she knows "happily ever after" is not in the cards for Debbie. (Isn't she the greatest friend EVAR?)

I think the rant had been brought on by all the sighing Bella was doing over her new marriage to Miraj Alvi

There were a lot of mixed emotions about the success of the party when it dragged to a close at 2 am

Final Consensus

Debbie tried not to let it bother her as she shoved the left over pizza in the fridge

After an embarrassing encounter with one of her annoying, resident ghosts...

... and a prank call from no one, Debbie headed off to bed.

Today is Debbie's wedding day (Again!)

After last nights disaster of a party, Deb heads to the spa for some relaxing

Zelda gets her husband to drop her off outside the spa (aww so cute!)

Deb and Zelda say goodbye to Leighton and head off to lunch at the new bistro

Where they take separate tables to eat then rush off to the pier for Deb's wedding

Morty is still hurting over the recent death of his mother, Cornelia

Debbie comforts (In my mind, when she is near him, she finds herself attracted to his smell. Just sayin)

Thornton shows up, Deb confesses that she still has feelings for him(has to keep him on the line, ya know)

Zelda drops the bomb about her coming bambino. (Deb may have felt the tiniest bit jealous)

But she quickly turns away and gets back to her goal in life

Wedding Spam:

They eat cake while Debbie clears out Malcolm and Nancy's inventories (and forces them to vacate the house!)

Then she calls up the airline. "Two tickets to Al Simhara, please."

Hurry your ass up, Geoffrey!

A Big thank you for the honeymoon

Obligatory woohoo (although this stinker got a preview in the judges chambers)

Geoffrey suddenly gets the idea to go exploring

Deb decides a little exploring would be a great idea!

Geoffrey heads to a small cave to start out

His treasures are small and worth less than a grand! (pfft)

He heads back up to try his hand at excavating

Back at base camp, Debbie has been keeping herself busy

But Christopher was just to pass the time, she finds herself bored

And having to sleep in a tent is not her idea of fun

Bright and early the next morning, she calls the airline to get tickets home right away

That night, she sleeps in the comfort of the Landgrabb mansion

And feels no remorse at the local gossip

But her peaceful bliss is soon interrupted

And this shows up at the exact same moment

Deb hurriedly calls the police!

He stole Malcolm's laptop! That *%#@&$!

Deb, fear not, your virtue is already gone so he won't be stealing it, lol!

Debbie and Geoffrey calmly look on as the cop and robber duke it out

Things are handled satisfactory and the laptop is returned

The two head back to bed to catch up on missed sleep

Debbie thinks that tomorrow, she and Geoffrey should spend the day out by the ...pool. Muhahahaha! 

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