Thursday, July 12, 2012

Chapter Four

The Wolff's offer a light dinner to both Debbie and Geoffrey

But apparently Debbie is not enough to keep Geoffry satisfied!

Debbie assures Thornton that she is not WITH Geoffrey

And calmly asks Geoffrey to leave before Thornton gets angry

She then chats it up with Morgana(?) to smooth things over

After Morgana heads to bed, Debbie entices Thornton to go skinny dipping

It is soon apparent that Thornton wants Debbie for his own!

They head out to the diner for a late dinner

After which Thornton begs Debbie to see him again (Target # 4 ... ACQUIRED!)

Gunther is NOT happy to see Debbie coming home at 3am!

Debbie can't afford for Gunther to divorce her! She brainstorms while relaxing in a sea of bubbles

She smooths things over with Gunther

Debbie is soon out of bed once more. Time to plan another party!

Debbie's party at the community pool was in full swing when Gunther shows up right after work. Apparently he has heard of Debbie's escapade with Geoffrey at City hall!

Vita shows up to toss in some insults but Deb is quick on the come-back

Despite how upset Gunther appears

Debbie does not let it interfere with plans that were already set in motion

With Thornton firmly in her web, Deb gives no thought to Gunther getting chummy with his ex

She ends the party with a little fraternizing with a future husband!


Debbie is disgusted by the sight of the ghost of her ex-husband

But if he is going to clean up, more power to him

Deb gets a call from Zelda. She has missed Debbie and wants her to come see as she does a street performance

Deb shows her support

After a short gossip session to catch Zelda up on her latest drama, Zelda leaves to head to work

Debbie runs home when she realizes that she has forgotten to check for wedding gifts!

Knowing Gunther's time has GOT to be soon, she invites Geoffrey over to suggest he break things off with Nancy(which he does)

Debbie sticks close to Gunther all night starting with dinner of left over cold waffles

She then talks things out with him, vowing to be true and faithful for the rest of HIS days

She even brings herself to snuggle with his old body as they fall asleep

"Finally!" Debbie thinks to herself

But she is sure to act appropriately when Morty runs in

But returns to her schemes once Morty leaves

That night she heads over to Nancy and Geoffrey's house to let Nancy know her days of living in the Landgrabb Manor are numbered!

The next day Morty ages into a YA and Debbie kicks him out

Debbie calls up Geoffry and asks him to meet her in the park (see what he is up to while waiting for Debbie?!)

But she overlooks what she herself is guilty of and makes her move

And down on one knee she goes again!

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