Thursday, April 19, 2012

April Update

I guess I shall go with the flow and move over to Tumblr to update my sim stuff. Most of my sim friends have done that already. I've added a link to my account on the right side.

My talk show project has been pushed out. A very talented group on Simatography has decided to do something similar and now it doesn't seem so original, lol. But never fear, I seem to have an unlimited source of ideas. I have a new story centered around ruling vampires, technobots, and rebellion. I'm not big on making sims so I have been scouring the simming community for sims I think will fit the parts. Now the trouble lies in finding voices for them all...

I once swore out of modeling, due to its time consuming effort and my curse of unoriginal ideas. But Minread is doing "Casting Call" which centers around auditions. They aren't doing scores or real judging and it is only 6 assignments and it is ok is you get behind as long as you complete it. It fits my schedule and since they are looking for writing as well, I get to flex that writing muscle too.

I haven't actually played my game since I got back from my cruise. But before I left I was able to update my legacy a bit. I plan on getting back to it after I finalize a few details for my machinima.   

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